Building Bridges - Professional Services

About Building Bridges

Since 2007, Building Bridges has provided high-quality services to the Grand Rapids community. In that time, we’ve grown from working with a handful of vacant lots to maintaining more than 500 properties – serving more than 1000 community members. We’ve grown, but our mission remains: provide the highest quality, affordable and dependable services possible and uplift the Grand Rapids community as a whole. 

Our Start

Building Bridges Professional Services was founded in 2007 with a vision of providing meaningful work opportunities to residents living in the 49507 zip code. In order to fulfill this vision, we paired individuals with trained professionals in the home remodeling, lawn care and landscape industries. This model has proved to uplift the community and provide excellent customer service and the highest quality work for our customers. It has been instrumental in the growth of Building Bridges as a highly competitive local business, which also functions with a vision for the city.

We are unique in that we measure our success based on a quadruple bottom line focus that measures key performance indicators in the areas of people, planet, purpose and profit. Our team truly live out our company values of being radically impressive and taking extreme ownership over any project big and small. Customers feel the difference in passion behind the work.

Partnering with our Community

In 2015 Building Bridges joined a collaborative called the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation (GRCCT) to accelerate its vision and mission to provide high-quality services at affordable prices for local residents. Building Bridges is also committed to hiring local residents to give back to the community in any way we can. This collaboration has built a team of highly-trained professionals working with a deep passion for success and quality work.